Aiming to expand client penetration, PINE has developed a wide range of products, which include: various types of credit and on-lending products in domestic and foreign currencies; financial and strategic advisory services, FICC (Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities), and investment products.

PINE has a broad network of relationships with companies in various industries including importers, exporters, and commodities producers, among others. These are clients that initially use PINE's credit products, such as working capital, trade finance, and BNDES on-lending, then branch out into other products to meet their specific financial needs.

Being deeply knowledgeable of its clients and their balance sheets, the Bank offers products that add value to companies, such as alternatives for mitigating market risks (bringing predictability to the clients’ balance sheet), loan syndications, financial advisory, and offshore lending and investing.

Credit is the main product offered by PINE and the principal method used to capture client business. The Bank has proven expertise in this segment, which guarantees market leading agility and safety in lending.

PINE has a unique credit policy and evaluates diligently and completely each prospective loan to ensure adequacy for both parties. All transactions are reviewed and subject to advice from the commercial and credit divisions through electronic screening analysis. Any loan must have the unanimous approval of the Credit Committee.

In addition to its efficient and conservative analysis, the Credit Committee also discusses the following important aspects:

  • Collateral policy that maintains the portfolio adequately collateralized
  • Constant monitoring and analysis of both the performance of companies and the structure of transactions before, during, and after approval of the credit
  • Analysis and monitoring of economic sectors
  • Local and global macroeconomic research

PINE constantly monitors the companies in its credit portfolio, thoroughly analyzing credit before approval and monitoring the companies and their industries after the credit approval. It also has an efficient formalization and documentation of loans and guarantees. Because of these practices, historically, PINE has had very low default rates.

The main objective of FICC (Fixed Income, Currency, and Commodities) is to offer alternatives for clients to protect against adverse market moves, giving more predictability to clients' balance sheets. This business is aligned with PINE´s strategy of expanding the product range per client, complementing PINE's core business, corporate credit.

PINE has important credentials in this business. Most importantly, the expertise acquired over the years allows the Bank to quickly respond to market conditions, offering adequate products to mitigate gaps in its clients’ balance sheets.

The main areas of business are currency and commodities and interest rate derivatives, among others. The main products are Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs), options, and swaps.

PINE’s investment arm offers unique solutions for its clients in capital markets, investment management and financial advisory. With a highly qualified team that is deeply knowledgeable of the market, this area operates as an advisor and not as counterparty, serving the interests and needs of its clients in a customized manner in accordance with market demands.

Moreover, one of its goals is to provide personalized high value-added financial advisory, offering resources and alternatives for financial and capital restructuring. While solutions can be sublime or complex, they are always informed by relationships and deep understanding of its clients' needs.

PINE’s employees are its main assets. Therefore, the aim of the Human Resources department is to attract, retain, and develop the best talent while maintaining a high-performance work environment focused on results and a culture of meritocracy. PINE constantly invests in training and qualifying its employees, encouraging deep knowledge of clients and products. This understanding of the market and clients facilitates cross-selling opportunities that bring value to clients and to the Bank.

Today, PINE has the resources necessary for sustained growth: qualified human capital, comfortable capitalization, and adequate funding. These resources enable the Bank to increasingly provide better service by constantly creating new solutions, generating client interest, and promoting an environment that is robust for cross-selling the Bank's range of services.